forest bathing - "Shinrin Yoku"

"Shinrin Yoku" means, freely translated from Japanese, as much as "immersion in the atmosphere of the forest" or in short "forest bathing".

The forest or park is discovered during a comfortable walk with all your senses. The strolling and wandering in nature is supplemented by pauses with mindfulness exercises. Relaxation, the arrival with us, the experience with all senses and the magic of nature are the focus.


Nature is good for us! We have known this for a long time, but since several years this has also been scientifically researched and proven with studies. Forest environments have measurable, positive effects on our body and mind.


Forest bathing make fun and addidionaly it supports our health!


Clubs, groups and organizations, whether private or professional, can enjoy nature at forest bathing, have fun, exchange „Ah“- experiences, decelerate, get to know each other better, relax, try out new things, discover similarities, and a lot more.

Whether for a recreational activity, a excursion or team training, forest bathing is a great way to spend time with others in nature.


The prices for groups from four to twelve, maximum 15 persons, I like to offer on request. Do not hesitate to contact me. #contact

Cornelia Rick
Photos below: Silke Magino
Cornelia Rick
Cornelia Rick