about me

My name is Cornelia Rick. I was born in the summer of 1972 in southern Germany. Today I am happily married and mother of two wonderful children.


Already in my childhood I loved being in nature. And I love to spend time in nature since then.


Even in childhood I had my nose at the pot when wild-herb-ointments were made by my mum. Observation, self-study and some educations and trainings are the basis of my natural and plant knowledge.

Today I escort people into nature. I show them plants and trees or dive with them at forest bathing "Shinrin Yoku" in the atmosphere of the trees to explore them with all senses. If my guests at the time in nature and later can say, that they feel happy, relaxed and have also found satisfaction, Mother Nature has once again cast its spells. 

Among other educations, I am certified by the GERMAN ACADEMY OF FOREST BATHING as a course instructor for FOREST BATHING - MINDFULNESS IN THE FOREST.

Cornelia Rick

I see my work with people in nature as my way to escort other people on their way.


Albert Schweitzer said, "Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it." I think that includes the happiness of seeing others happy.


With all this, I see myself as a companion on new ways. As a companion in bright light and green depth.

You would like to try forest bathing or plan this for a group? I escort you with pleasure! Do not hesitate to ask for.


Warm regards from Markdorf, near Lake Constance


Cornelia Rick
Photos below: Silke Magino
Cornelia Rick
Cornelia Rick